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What Our Parents Say

We provide parents with the opportunity to tell us what they think at the end of every year with a Parent Questionnaire.


Take a look at some of the lovely things our parents have had to say about our Playschool.

Caring Child

You and your team do a fantastic job.

The care and support you give the children is wonderful. You worked throughout covid and that was essential for the kids and their social interaction. J's had an excellent foundation to start school


It's a happy welcoming place, you've been fantastic.

It's amazing that you've been able to stay open for most of the pandemic. It was exactly what A needed - a safe place she could see her friends and continue her learning adventure.


The staff are all simply amazing.

The facilities are excellent and having a dedicated classroom setting within the School is fantastic. It has made the transition to reception so much easier and stress free, for me as well as my child.


"Playschool manages to teach a multitude of skills through play and puts the child’s interest in a non stressing matter.

"We know we can always have chats if needed as the teachers are so open and supportive"

" A safe and happy place to grow and learn, also having incredible outdoor facilities. Staff are amazing."

"Homely environment, nurturing, friendly and caring staff"

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