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Sun Safe Nurseries

The Sun Safe Nurseries accreditation programme has been developed by national skin cancer and melanoma UK charity, SKCIN, a specialist skin cancer awareness charity, formed in 2005. 

Whilst some sun is good for us, over-exposure to UV is a serious health risk and the primary cause of the UK’s most common and fastest rising cancer. Sun exposure in the first 15 years of life contributes significantly to a persons lifetime risk of skin cancer, highlighting the importance of pre-school settings and parents working together, to increase knowledge and influence behaviours, to ensure children are protected against UVR and learn how to enjoy the sun safely.


With many young children spending considerable time at a pre-school, where they are outdoors regularly during peak UV hours (11am - 3pm), it’s imperative that we ensure our children are protected from UV damage and learn how to enjoy the sun safely. By planting the seeds of sun safety in pre-school education, we can change behaviours and attitudes towards the risks associated with UV exposure and create a positive, sun safe, skin cancer free future - for our future generations and those to come.

Our Committment

Fun in the sun at Polesden Lacey Playschool



We ensure that we are providing an environment that enables both our children and staff to stay safe in the sun.



We aim to introduce and reinforce sun safety education to our children with age appropriate material and resources, to increase knowledge and influence behaviour.



We work together with parents, the committee and the wider community to reinforce awareness about sun safety.


Sun Safe Policy

We have a dedicated policy, to provide continuity and transparency about the measures our playschool takes to ensure everyone can stay safe in the sun.

Image by Joshua Alfaro
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