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Polesden Lacey Playschool is a charity organisation registered with the Charities Commission, and run for the benefit of the children, their families and the community.


As such, it requires a Management Committee (made up of volunteer parents or carers) in order to operate, responsible for the Playschool and its staff. 

Collecting Donations

What does the Committee do?

The Committee are in charge of the general running of the Playschool as well as fundraising, which provides essential funds to help buy extras for the children. It is also a great way to get to know other parents and their children.

Meetings are held every 6-8 weeks, depending on how busy the calendar is and usually take part at a willing member's house. It's not all strictly business, with time for a catch up over a cuppa, once official business is over and socials throughout the year. 

Tel: 01372 453162


Team Meeting

How could I help?

You can only be a member of the Committee if your child is a current Playschool attendee, therefore as children move on to school, so with it, the parents must move on as well. This means that we have an ever changing Committee, with new seats to fill every year. 

There are plenty of ways that you can contribute and you don't have to commit to taking on a role in order to help out and make a difference. It's a total cliché, but ... every little helps!


The role of the Chair is to ensure the smooth running of the playschool, particularly with respect to policies that need reviewing, holding regular meetings and ensuring all committee members are DBS checked.

Vice Chair

Supports the chair and shares duties.


Attends all meetings to take minutes and keeps contact details up to date.


Responsible for all Playschool finances, including salaries, expenses and fees. Creates report for the Charity Commission annually. 


Help organise a variety of events throughout the year and recruiting volunteers to assist.

Personnel Officer

Maintains policies, administers letters to staff, assists with vacancies​, reviews contracts etc

Social Secretary 

Organises coffee mornings, committee socials, assists with social media.

Writing on a Notebook

Current Members

Ellie Pragnell, Chair

Safeguarding Lead & Personnel Officer

Sarah Case, Vice Chair

Emma Wickes, Secretary

Jess Kemp, Treasurer

Roxy Hilder, General Member

Nikki Davies, General Member

Anna Coy, General Member

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