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Polesden Lacey Playschool

Learning every day, through the Power of Play


Our Ethos & Service

Our Playschool aims to provide a safe, friendly and stimulating environment, where children take their first steps towards independence. Social skills are developed through learning and playing with other children and adults.


Our high ratio of adults to children allows plenty of time for listening and talking with the children, encouraging language development.


Work is organised around a theme (for example homes, shapes, holidays etc) and the theme is explored through art, music, stories, toys and games.


Sometimes, we invite guests to talk to the children about a relevant topic. Local outings, such as a trip to the fire stations or a farm visit are organised with parental support.


Parents are free to discuss their children with the staff and we offer all parents an appointment for an informal chat about their child's progress.

Discipline: Good behaviour is encouraged through praise and unwanted behaviour is dealt with firmly and kindly. 

Staff are always happy to discuss any concerns.

Image by Patrick Robert Doyle
Image by Element5 Digital

About Us

What We Offer

Have a look around our facilities and see if we are the right fit for you and your family.


Cygnets & Swans

There are sessions every morning and on most afternoons for up to 18 children aged 2.5 - 5 years.


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